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  EPOCH Members

Randall Cieri: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brad Mayol: Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Underwood: Bass, Vocals
Tim Franks: Drums, Electronic Percussion

EPOCH members are heavily influenced by bands such as Yes, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Rush, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater and many more.
    EPOCH is an original hard rock band located in the San Jose / South Bay Area. Known for their hard driving yet progressive and somewhat retro sound they have built a name for themselves by creating sonic and visually exciting shows that are unique to today’s music scene.

For booking info and billion dollar record deals contact  epoch@epochband.com
  Randall Cieri: (Guitar / Vocals)     Randall has developed as a local musician, paying his way through San Jose State by tutoring piano and music theory. In 1988 he was the recipient of Gavilan College “Outstanding Instrumentalist Award” for excellence on the guitar.  He graduated with honors in 1992 with a B.A in Music and a minor in Creative Arts. Since Graduation, he has been playing with local bands with progressive leanings such as SongQuest. He has gained a strong following as one of the best rock lead guitarist in the Bay Area.   randall cieri  
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    Brad Mayol: (Vocals and Keyboards) Brad has been composing music and singing in bands since 1981. It was 1983 when he joined Iron Cross with Randall Cieri. Their shared love of metal drove them into a world of creation. Between Iron Cross, Spiritual Guardian, Song, SongQuest, and Epoch, their compositions number into the hundreds. Brad graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz with a major in music, where he learned how to play the piano. He excelled in twentieth century composition techniques and fell in love with atonality. He has written every style of music from symphonic to thrash punk. He teaches music to students with special needs and helps them find their musical talent. His influences include Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Igor Stravinsky and old Genesis.  
  Tim Franks: (Drums and Electronic Percussion) Referred to as “T-Bone” by friends, Tim has been playing professionally since he was a sophomore in high school and further developing his skills playing in school Drum Corps and the undefeated Drum and Bell Corps Drum Busters. In 1988, he was the recipient of Gavilan College “Outstanding Instrumentalist Award” for excellent live performances on the drums. He is now highly respected as a very creative improvisational drummer with great control of acoustic and electronic percussion. Highly influenced by drummers such as John Bonham, Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy and is always striving to attain the next level of proficiency.   tim franks    

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  Mike Underwood: (Bass and Vocals) Mike is known for his powerful riffs, driving bass lines and original songwriting, Mike "Progzilla" has been playing for many years in local Bay Area bands. Known as a visionary Mike is constantly striving to create a fresh hard rock sound. As a fan of such greats as John Paul Jones, Chris Squire and bands like Yes, Genesis and Led Zeppelin he respects his roots but is always aware of new music and stays up to date with the latest happenings in the local and national music scene.  He knows it's possible to hammer out a new “Epoch” of music!